IAP ACVIP is dedicated to providing the latest scientific information on immunizations to the parents, public, healthcare providers, policy makers, and the media. The parent organization, Indian Academy of Pediatrics funds all the activities of ACVIP including maintenance expenditure of this website. A separate account is maintained by the IAP for all the expenditures of the committee. The committee participates in collaborative projects with other health agencies like WHO, UNICEF, NPSP, etc. The committee's bi-annual publication, "IAP Guidebook on Immunization" is also funded by the parent organization.

Other income comes from the sale of IAP ACVIP's publications like "IAP Guidebook on Immunization", and "IAP Textbook of Vaccines" edited by the committee members. Proceeds from all publications go directly to the parent organization. All the office-bearers, members and advisors are honorary workers and do not draw any salary or honoraria, and do not receive any income from the committee's publications.