A sub-committee of IAP entitled "IAP Advisory Committee on Vaccines & Immunization Practices" was first formed in 1986 with the then president, Dr.N. Sundaravalli as Chairperson and Dr. A.Parthasarathy as Convener. The committee was entrusted with the specific tasks of defining the number of primary doses for oral polio vaccines, incorporating the Measles vaccines in the then EPI schedule and advancing the age of first primary doses of DPT vaccine. The committee recommended 5 primary doses for OPV at birth,6,10,14 weeks and 9 months; 3 primary doses for DPT at 6,10,14 weeks instead of at 3,4,5 months and one dose for Measles vaccine at 9 months followed by two booster doses for DPT and OPV at 15- 18 months and 5 years.

To orient the members on the Universal Immunization Program (UIP), IAP visualized a training program. Dr. Raju C. Shah was appointed as National Coordinator in 1987 along with the several state coordinators. A standard set of slides was prepared along with a reference book and countrywide orientation workshops were conducted in 1987-88 with assistance from Government of India and UNICEF and due to the untiring efforts of the then President, Dr. D.G. Benakappa and Dr. R.D. Potdar the then General Secretary.

To consolidate the efforts of IAP, in the field of immunization, a regular sub-Advisory Committee on Vaccines & Immunization Practices was formed in 1989, under the chairmanship of Dr. (Mrs.) A.B. Desai with Dr. Raju C. Shah as convener and Dr. Vijay Agarwal, Dr. Ashok Dutta, Dr. S.K. Mittal and Dr. A. Parthasarathy as members along with the respective presidents and secretaries as ex-officio members. This committee popularized the concepts in pediatric immunization, and also brought out informative publications, conducted several update meets throughout the country, and ultimately came out with a reference volume the" Blue Book of IAP" entitled "Immunity, Immunization, and Infectious Diseases "in 1994. This mark a great era of academic achievement.

Later IAP committees on immunization included the ACVIP 1994-2000 with Dr. T. Jacob John as chairman, Dr. A. Parthasarathy and Dr. A.P. Dubey as conveners, Dr. S.R. Banerjee, Dr. M. Indershekhar Rao, Dr. M. Nagaraja Rao, Dr. N. Shendurnikar, Dr H.P.S. Sachdev, Dr. Tapan Kumar Gosh, Dr. Thomas Cherian and Dr. Naveen Thacker as members, Dr. M.R. Lokeshwar, Dr. Swati Y. Bhave, Dr. Raju C. Shah, Dr. R.N. Srivastava and Dr. Y.K. Amdekar as ex-officio members.

A long cherished dream of IAP first materialized in1997. A standard "IAP Immunization and Health Record" and a set of "Teaching slides of on Immunization" for the benefit of faculty members and post graduates in Pediatrics as well as for the practicing pediatrician and a "Guide Book on Immunization" which were the felt needs of the IAP for a long time, were produced under the stewardship of Dr. A. Parthasarathy, the then President of the Academy. Simultaneously, several Immunization updates/ meets under the banner of "Jenner Symposia" were conducted throughout the country under Dr. Swati Bhave, as the National Coordinator with active participation of ACVIP members. The IAP Polices, Recommendation and Guidelines formulated under the stewardship of Dr. T. Jacob John in 1999 were updated and later published in March 2001.

The ACVIP also organized "IAP Jenner Plus Symposia on Immunization" throughout the country, under the guidance from Dr. Y.C. Mathur, President and Dr. G.S. Hathi, Secretary-General, with Dr. S.S. Kamath as National Coordinator.