How Recommendations Are Made?

Process of the IAP Advisory Committee on Vaccines & Immunization Practices:

This process involves an exhaustive review of published literature including standard text books, vaccine trials, recommendations of various countries, World Health Organization (WHO) position papers, literature from the vaccine industry, post-marketing surveillance reports, cost-effective analysis, epidemiology of disease in India and if available Indian studies on vaccine efficacy, immunogenicity and safety.

If knowledge gaps are present then expert opinion is sought to fill the gaps. The existing national immunization schedule and government policies are also considered. The recommendations of ACVIP are primarily for pediatricians in office practice. In addition, ACVIP also submits its position on incorporation of various new vaccines in the national immunization schedule.

The ACVIP meets in person to discuss these matters. At this meeting, the members of the Committee and some invited experts discuss the issues related to vaccines in exhaustive detail. Decisions are taken about all the matters and recorded.

Following the meeting, the recommendaitons are circulated among the members, and any inaccuracies are removed at this stage. The recommendations are then sent to the Executive Committee of the IAP for approval, following which they are published.

The IAP COI publishes a Guidebook for Immunisation from time to time. Interim recommendations, changes in earlier published recommendations, and related matters are published in our official journal, Indian Pediatrics.