Other Publications

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1. Correspondences published in Indian Pediatrics
Prevention of Pertussis in Adolescents and Young Adults-Reply Download Now(PDF, 13.7KB)
Tetanus Vaccine in UIP in India-Reply Download Now(PDF, 23.2KB)
Shakespeare's Honourable Men and Conflicts of Interest-Reply Download Now(PDF, 13.1KB)
OPV for Children Who Have Received IPV-Reply Download Now(PDF, 13.7KB)
IAP Immunization Timetable 2012 Clarifications-Reply Download Now(PDF, 15.3KB)
IAP Immunization Timetable 2012: Reply Download Now(PDF, 9.2KB)
Reply to Pentavalent vaccines and operational difficulties Download Now(PDF, 11KB)
Author's reply: Tdap During Pregnancy Download Now(PDF, 36.2KB)
Reply to Pentavalent vaccines and operational difficulties Download Now(PDF, 11.5KB)
MMR vaccine at 9 months: Authors reply Download Now(PDF, 16KB)
IAP Immunization Guidelines: Author's Reply Download Now(PDF, 11.3KB)
Listen to Mother First : Reply Download Now(PDF, 11.1KB)
2 Papers published in other journals
Haemophilus influenza type b disease and vaccination in India: knowledge, attitude and practices of paediatricians Download Now(PDF, 460KB)
Prefilled syringes versus vials: Impact on vaccination efficiency and patient safety in Indian private market Download Now(PDF, 360KB)
3 Published reports on IAP ACVIP
BMJ report on IAP immunization recommendations--Indian academy recommends whole cell pertussis vaccine for primary vaccination Download Now(PDF, 179KB)
Coalition Against Typhoid report on IAP Download Now(PDF, 1.4KB)
BMJ report on IAP Position paper on Mumps Download Now(PDF, 489KB)
4. Appeals made to members
Measles catch-up campaigns Download Now(DOC, 90.9KB)
Polio vaccination Download Now(DOC, 109KB)
Supplementary Immunization Activity (SIA) to provide a single dose of Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccine Download Now(PDF, 285KB)
5. Other updates
ACVIP statement on ongoing outbreak of H1N1 in India Download Now(DOC, 185KB)
FAQs on Seasonal Influenza (including A(H1N1) pdm09 aka Swine Flu Download Now(PDF, 284KB)
FAQs on tOPV to bOPV switch & IPV roll out in India Download Now(PDF, 32KB)