Other Resources related to Vaccines & Immunization

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1. Presentations at SAGE meeting of April 2015; Geneva, 14 - 16 April 2015 Click Here
2. Presentations at CDC ACIP meeting of February 26, 2015 Click Here
3. Presentations from the 11th International Rotavirus Symposium, September 3-5, 2014 at New Delhi Click Here
4. Vaccine Supplement on Rotavirus in India: Volume 32, Supplement 1, Pages A1-A186 (11 August 2014 Click Here
5. Presentations from 9th ISPPD Hyderabad, March 2014: PNEUMOCOCCAL DISEASE IN SOUTH ASIA: THE PROMISE OF VACCINES Click Here
6 Presentations made at 26th IEAG, New Delhi, March 20, 2015
Action Taken Report on recommendations of 25th IEAG Click Here(PPT, 2.8MB)
Polio Eradication in India Click Here(PPT, 4.2MB)
Overview of Polio Legacy Transition Planning Click Here(PPT, 1.8MB)
India Experience on Transitioning WHO-India National Polio Surveillance Project Click Here(PPT, 3.2MB)
Polio Overview JAFARI IEAG March 2015 Click Here(PPT, 4.8MB)
Withdrawal of OPV type 2 in India
Implementing the Polio Endgame Strategy
Click Here(PPT, 1.8MB)
Update on activities under laboratory containment of wild Polio viruses in India Click Here(PPT, 350KB)
7. Presentations during CDC ACIP June 2016 meeting Click Here
8. Presentations during WHO SAGE April 2016 meeting Click Here