Poliovirus vaccines

Routine vaccination:
  • Birth dose of OPV usually does not lead to VAPP.
  • OPV in place of IPV, if IPV is unfeasible, minimum 3 doses.
  • Additional doses of OPV on all SIAs.
  • IPV: Minimum age - 6 weeks.
  • IPV: 2 instead of 3 doses can be also used if primary series started at 8 weeks and the interval between the doses is kept 8 weeks
  • No child should leave your facility without polio immunization (IPV or OPV), if indicated by the schedule!
  • Intradermal vaccination: ACVIP does not approve the use of 'intradermal fractional-dose IPV' (ID-f IPV) for office-practice. However, considering the extreme shortage of IPV and the urgent need of providing immunity against type-2 poliovirus, the committee has now provisionally accepted the immune-protection accorded by two ID-fIPV doses given at 6 and 14-week as moderately effective against type-2 polioviruses. However, another full dose of IM-IPV should be offered at least at 8 weeks interval of the second dose of ID-fIPV.
    • If a child has received one dose of ID-fIPV at 6 weeks, two more full doses of IM-IPV should be offered at least 8 weeks after the first dose.
    • The minimum interval between the 2nd and 3rd dose should also be at least 8 weeks.
Catch-up vaccination
  • IPV catch-up schedule: 2 doses at 2 months apart followed by a booster after 6 months of previous dose.