Tdap vaccine

Routine vaccination:
  • Minimum age: 7 years (Adacel® is approved for 11-64 years by ACIP and 4 to 64 year olds by FDA, while Boostrix® for 10 years and older by ACIP and 4 years of age and older by FDA in US).
  • Administer 1 dose of Tdap vaccine to all adolescents aged 11 through 12 years.
  • Tdap during pregnancy: One dose of Tdap vaccine to pregnant mothers/adolescents during each pregnancy (preferred during 27 through 36 weeks gestation) regardless of number of years from prior Td or Tdap vaccination.
Catch-up vaccination
  • Catch up above 7 years: Tdap, Td, Td at 0, 1 and 6 months.
  • Persons aged 7 through 10 years who are not fully immunized with the childhood DTwP/DTaP vaccine series, should receive Tdap vaccine as the first dose in the catch-up series; if additional doses are needed, use Td vaccine. For these children, an adolescent Tdap vaccine should not be given.
  • Persons aged 11 through 18 years who have not received Tdap vaccine should receive a dose followed by tetanus and diphtheria toxoids (Td) booster doses every 10 years thereafter.
  • Tdap vaccine can be administered regardless of the interval since the last tetanus and diphtheria toxoid–containing vaccine.
  • Tdap vaccine should not be used as second booster for DTP series.